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Submitted on
September 6, 2012


14 (who?)

We're open again!

Journal Entry: Thu Sep 6, 2012, 3:23 PM
Welcome back to DeviantsGallery :D

It's been a lot of work, but finally we can introduce you to our new gallery!

Our goal was to make this as simple as possible.
And so, here are the folders you will now be abele to submit to:

:new: Animations
- We thought that animations is it's own "medium", it's a different art experience, just as  digital art, traditional art, photography, literature and artisan crafts are different from each  other. So here is a special folder for all you animators!

:pointr: Artisan  Crafts
- Formerly known as "crafts and models", here is your folder for anything that is in physical 3Dimensions!

:new: JOURNALS for contests, commissions etc
- Here it is! The new folder for JOURNALS! At least journals that announces contests, commissions and groups, anyway.
Group Promotions means - a journal with a presentation of a group and it's theme/purpose and general rules! Must be affiliated with our group!
This folder will also replace the "Affiliate and Member Contest Promotions" project, which we have to cancel because of lack of time.

:pointr: deviantART Contest Submissions
- For any art that is submitted to a contests hosted by! Not by any of it's members, though.

:pointr: Digital Art
- Yeah, you know this one. If you have used a computer program/software to create something, this is the folder for you! Although, if you have made a traditional sketc, and colored it digitally, it goes in "Multiple artforms used". And post-edited scans of traditional artworks and of photography, doesn't make it "digital".

:new: How to
- Brand new TUTORIALS folder! Anything that is made for the sake of educating in the process of making art, goes here!

:pointr: Literature
- You know this one too - anything written - submit it here! With the few exceptions of journals, tutorials and digital/traditional "Typography".

:pointr: Multiple Artforms Used
- Formerly known as "Combined Media" - this is the folder for artworks that are made with BOTH digital and/or traditional and/or artisan crafts medium! If you draw something with a pen, and then scan it and color it with computer software, for example, it goes here! Or if you glue dried flowers, beads, uses sculpy etc on a traditional painting.
NOT to be confused with "mixed mediums", which means to use both graphite and acrylic paint in a traditional artwork, or putting two photographs together with a computer, for example.

:pointr: Photography
- Well, this should also be familiar - if you have pushed the button on your camera, be it digital, analoge or your phone - it goes here!
Remember - doing small post-editing with your photo doesn't make it a photomanipulation!
Heavy editing and altering on the other hand - IS counted as manip and goes in "Digital Art".

:pointr: WIPs and Scraps
- We decided to keep this rather new folder, so that you can show your sketches, your works in progress, your scraps, your literature drafts, your "draw this again"memes and other memes etc to the world. They are normally not accepted in groups, but we strive to accept everything!

:pointr: Traditional Art
- Artworks made in the good old way - your hand holding a pen or brush! Or your fingers, or a scratch needle and yeah, if it's a physical drawing or painting, it goes here!
Remember - a traditional artwork that is colored or heavy altered in a computer program belongs in "Multiple Artforms Used"!

And, of course, we still have the "Don't submit here, pick the correct folder". Wrong submissions won't stop with this new system. There will always be people that are too stressed or too careless to pay attention to any folder system. We still need this way of dealing with them.

We hope you will find this new system waaaay much better than the old one, that caused a lot of confusions and delays in the handling of your submissions.
All these folders has sub-folders, but WE will sort your works into them, YOU WON'T have to bother with any definitions in that way. You can just browse our whole gallery from what kind of artworks you are specifically interested in :)

We're also happy to tell you all, that we will be accepting adoptables again!
After reading reactions from you, and discussing it carefully in the admin team, we realized that it's not fair to refuse these kinds of work - it's no different than selling jewelry, or prints of photos and digital/traditional works, and since we want to accept as much different kinds of works as possible, we got rid of this new, failed rule and we're welcoming your adoptables back in our gallery!

Please, get familiar with our new Folder Descriptions.
And if you wonder anything, check out our Frequently Asked Questions!

So, we're back in business, and we're awaiting your submissions!

Your devoted team of admins:
:iconphotopathica: :iconbullethead321: :iconkaos3d: :iconkaitovip: :iconnorablansett: :iconin2umniakillh3r: :iconalluringhunter: :iconinele-ra: :iconwalkmypath: :iconlacedshadowdiamond: :iconkimikiwi48: :iconsneekysneki: :iconjrd1st:

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kworking Oct 12, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Yah I can't figure it out eather.
Photopathica Oct 13, 2012   General Artist
figure out what?
kworking Oct 13, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
The rules of DeviantART. :lol:
Photopathica Oct 13, 2012   General Artist
mmkey dont know about them, these rules only apply to this group ;)
kworking Oct 13, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
OH. :lol: I see.
todoruki Sep 30, 2012  Student Artist
how do u join here?
Photopathica Sep 30, 2012   General Artist
hit the "join our group" button :)
Hey! Can I Join the group too?
JRd1st Sep 30, 2012  Hobbyist Photographer
Just sent you an invitation. :D
papamustache Sep 24, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hi, How can I join here? :)
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