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Submitted on
November 11, 2012


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November Feature!

Journal Entry: Sun Nov 11, 2012, 6:07 AM
Each month our admins picks their favorites from the gallery, and we put them in the featured folder for a month.
And here they are, the November selection!

Giraffe up a tree by singletonjames  Bananasaur by bloominglove  diablo .:ani:. by EnaidPI  Freewill 243 by Zorias  Le Grand Condor by Insanemoe  Noise and Confusion by Verlisaerys  Johann Versus The Aliens by ChristopherPollari  -1 by bebefromtheblock  Of The Deep by Simanion   GravityGravity,
Autumn wanted to learn
how to
So, the galaxy of dead trees
coiling in your lungs
devoured her spine.
Your gifts,
a lifeline wrapped around
her neck like a noose;
an orange and red
assisted suicide.
& you said "God bless your
heart." like some divine
higher power could forgive
her for loving you.
 Show Your True Colors by Anyzamarah  Botan Kanzashi by SincerelyLove  Old and Tired by RenderPrism  Rihanna by BabyDollB  nature of fire by igreeny  Something blue is coming (wip 2) by anna-solitaire  TWD 3 sign by Emeruson    Clockwork Spider No 4 (II) by AMechanicalMind  Alien pumpkin by Darkmoonlilly  Lost by guw  The ghostly galleon by pixierosie  Look who's come for Halloween... by Tegori  Sweet Selections! by ilurveNINJAMAN  Robert Downey Jr. (Tony Stark) Iron Man by Makarova17  Gift: Touching blue by Koenigskupfer  Cheetah Sisters by SilkenWinds  love? by rilibko  ~ by waashe  Melissani - Kefalonia,Greece by Raptor7gr  Appearance by elanesse-v  :thumb256058576:  Lizzy by IgnisFatuusII  Mermaid's Kiss by DesignbyKatt  X6 by TsimmerS  Showdown at the Memory Skyscraper by Ateo88  Finish! A Row Of Love (Dimensions) by Katezath  Venom by Logan-Pearce  Puella Transformation by Linkerbell  Who Me? I'm Innocent! by dreamlandcody  Alternative Harley Quinn I by TheIronRing  Halloween! 2012 by Alkasay  Pencil vs. Pen WIP by h0wr  christiane F. by heart-of-image  Owl by kellyduncan  Bad Romance by Amarelle07  Halloween house by bzartt  in perfect harmony 2012 by SunnyFire  Vampire's kiss - Wood burning (pyrography art) by SherPic  Rural Art by Shashikanta  AMERICAN EAGLE by sinsenor  Matt Smith - The Doctor - Is it straight now? by Matteleven  Animated Neon City - fx preview by never-over-strange  This is THRILLER! by DemonWolfQueen  Messangers by dtaskonak  :thumb216132671:  Two Witches In Black Mini Dresses by Laazar  Autumn rush by SisterOfNight87  Tarja by AnastasiumArt  The Model VII WIP by Bernardesign777  [personal] Can you feel the love tonight? by chosaguro   What am I?What am I?
A pain in the chest.
A lump in the throat.
A dark cloud hanging above the head.
A irritation raising your anger.
A cry ready to come out,
but you can choose not to say a thing anyway.
What am I?
Something that can be ignored.
Yet I can make your conscience haunt you.
For your greed? Lust? Betrayal?
You don't say a thing just because your afraid of him.
Of not being forgiven.
What am I?
  Supermassive Black HoleStrings of starless strands
lasso my sanity,
as a Lyzzard's tongue
slays unawares a fly.
Distorted snarls melt
my glaciers in the dead of night;
vibrating in the frequency
of tachycardia.
Falling upwards
in your wells of gravity,
you set my soul alight;
spinning towards the singularity.
A blink before the light,
the brims of Space
of satin waves
smile and unweave a word:
 Up Staged by DrinkTeaOrDie    Molten by ryanwaff  The Haunted House by Wesley-Souza  Steampunk Sun/Moon Dial Pendant by Joshuadsanchez  Butterfly Handmade Original Papercut by DreamPapercut  Oriental Beauty by ABrickman  Tiny Top Hat: The Craftsman by TinyTopHats  Love of Music by heatherw290  Self destruction by XRlS  Eyes of the Sea by BKLusk  Ravenna by thewholehorizon  Still Standing by DreamingSkyline  Droplets by HannahLD  Ponte in Corti by Anto2b  02 by gangstaguineapig  Oh how will you find your way.... by untavain  Rome Sketch by Iraville  butterflies by catsandr   Shameful Confession of a 'Writer'Trees know no words.
Instead, they dance
With the wind, like ballerinas spin with pianos and violins in every chord.
Speaking sweetly with a flick of a foot, a sway of a branch,
And a quick little grin, while I trip on words.
I wish I can speak in tongues of daffodils during early spring.
The way each petal holds hope within its bloom, I wish to hold hope the same way;
Blooming its beauty with words, instead of blooming with May.
Sometimes, I'd get so sick of wishing to be a flower,
I'd start wishing I was rain.
I want to cry with the world and wash every window stained with hate.
But I only spill black inked words, and this is why I lose faith.
I know of words but my tongue is always singed
From when my mouth refuses to speak, so I just wish.
Shamefully, I wish to be as strong
As the silence of sea breezes,
The whispers of fallen leaves.
I wish to be as loud as time,
To speak as beautiful as the sun-dipped ocean,
And the shooting stars at night.
Sometimes, I wish, more than anything i
 Politically Incorrect by kazekageAWESOMENESS  Lara Wip4 by ZayrCroft  Koi Fish Tattoo by leon7929  Birds by SomethingAboutEve  Sister's Love by thanhphucluong  Low light Flower by MikrobePferd  :thumb333638304:  Experience by IvanAndreevich  Explosion by Gio2-0  :thumb334809367:  Back to medieval times by lucid-light  Halloweenie! by Arichy  Happy Halloween by Pharaoh009  Typography Series - 01 - Anatomy of typography by MartinSilvertant  Kurt Barlow: Salem's Lot 1979 by GreenStranger  Happy Halloween by Misomei  Tarantula - handmade by Escaron

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