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Submitted on
January 14, 2013


15 (who?)

January Feature!

Journal Entry: Mon Jan 14, 2013, 9:18 AM
Each month our admins picks their favorites from the gallery, and we put them in the featured folder for a month.
And here they are, the January selection!

Weird Guy by TheEmptyKissOfDeath Lovely Bones- Animated by AHussein Aperture Science portal gun gas mask v3 FOR SALE! by TwoHornsUnited The Chieftain (Train Your Brain) by BoFeng Wing Tutorial (How I draw them) by jackofalltrades0097 nOboDy by C-Conztantine Unwrap v2 by Harpiya Elegance by A-Motive Orube [Redrawn] by 0viper0 Beacon by Evolve--R :thumb340901476: Begin AgainTurquoise heart
Reach out to those I love
Braided dreams
They all seem so very real to me
But I've been hurt before
Walls of precaution
Tumbling down to hit the ground
Kiss me slowly...
Do you know, could you say
It's been so long
Since I last trusted one individual
With all I am
I'm tired, could you tuck me in?
This hope is strange but wonderful
The dawn is breaking
Smiles that don't fade away
Oh, please love me for a thousand years
Then love me for a thousand more
Adeliya by mutos Christmas by lriis Daenerys Targaryen by AnimeLover1984 Thailand by s102912 If only... by justswell thirteen... by metalromantica Vulnerable Soul by Sherjaxon mass abduction by mindquery12 Misty: Something old by The-Unicorn-Lord She by blumilein The dark side by PinkyTheGreat Rinah 2 by purplebella Flower by Ealaincraft Hatsune Miku Christmas by Kami-Ato Madriguera by afac86 madame nature by eepmun Pixel Chibi Skyward Sword Link by Zelbunnii My Wonderlands Shattered *Animated* by Null-Entity Dolphins  - 3D Origami - by Delinlea Large Cthulhu Mask, black, turquoise and silver by shmeeden 'FAITH' by EthanMichaeL Darkness by trivostudio moments by prokhoda iPad finger painting of Hugh Jackman by chaseroflight Steampunk Fashion: Use of Color Theory and Metals by Windthin Comic Book HeroWe met in the Summer, I was single and free,
So fragile and sweet, he took care of me.
He was so much fun, exciting and new,
It was all so amazing, too good to be true.
Like a comic book hero, he swept me away.
He promised me the world, the night and day.
But his heart was untrue, his words were lies.
No comic book hero, but a villain disguised.
Our romance was deep, like Superman and Miss Lane
Iron Man, Miss Potts, Spidey and Mary Jane.
He impressed me with gifts, and words sublime,
Affirmations of how he would always be mine.
Like a comic book hero, he swept me away.
He promised me the world, the night and day.
But his heart was untrue, his words were lies.
No comic book hero, but a villain disguised.
As time went by, his promises were lost.
His stories grew grander and my heart was the cost.
The hero, he ran. Where to? No one knows.
But a path of heart ache will follow where he goes.
Like a comic book hero, he too wore a mask.
Promises broken, our love not to last.
And his heart was
Lee Jinki (Onew of SHINee), Happy Birthday! by icarus-redemption Gone with the wind sketch by tho-be Sunset in Maldives by andyietok Feed us, master! by MilosGizdovski Urban Frontier by G-FLIP Underwater Intimacies by XRlS Sunset by iancjw Second Variety by Zaiye Jack Frost: Winter Knight by khimmiem Ice Queen by tinca2 :thumb343167774: Butterfly dresses by Vilva In Spring by Carnegriff imagination final piece by squiggers13 Rainbow by nanokorea :thumb345445780: Whiskers and Teeth by ronmonroe Too shy for pictures by madster865 Bon pecheur by JessicaSansiquet :thumb340646731: Return of the WarriorAnd the warrior returns, with a heart full of fire
Charging full speed ahead, to achieve what he desires
In his eyes a fury, to fight, to win, to be
For now he has returned, this warrior in me
Idle No More
Idle No More
Scattered bravery can and will unite!
Come together and let us stand up for our rights!
Let our voices ascend from this condescending lament!
Rise up and fight against the bitter injustice to the very end!

Generations have come and passed
But here has come a time
Where this bloodline may be the last
This is what we call life
Choked by the government's grasp
And abiding by the lies they hurl in a mass

Promises were disguised / Words were lies
We couldn't cross that line / A law where corruption aligns
A home that I can't call mine / A reservation to silence the mourning
A place for the shame they hide / A destruction that is considered fine
An agreement made into a mistake / Our relations were falsely created
Your smiles were feigned / For our own sake
There's countless victims of your crusade / Can't let history repeat this way
Rebuttal the decisions you made / reinvoke the culture you stripped away

Children that don't get to be
Exist inside of fe
BlankHey can you do me a favor? Pick up that white board over there.
Yeah, the one that’s perfectly clean with no trace of it being used at all.
Great, now go grab that marker.
The thing that transfers your creativity through ink.
Ok, now write me the first word that pops in that head of yours.
Something that would always show in your imagination, your own little world.
Now show it to me.
Unchain the fence that conceals your inspiration.
Bet you feel pretty embarrassed right now, or just different maybe?
Judgment surrounds the open-minded, keen on their apprehensions.
You can erase it if you want? I won’t mind at all.
Eradicate the importance of your incentives, time washing over its eroding existence.
Huh, it didn’t go away…must’ve been a permanent.
Your once hidden thoughts now exposed to the world, a grand advantage or a horrid weakness to those who witness it.
Well I was gonna ask if you could draw me somet
Stenciled Smiles on Paper HeartsI don't like to feel this way
There must be something I can say
Cause I hate just watching you
When I know the pain you're going through
You're not alone; I've been where you are
Contemplating where I'll place my next scar
Hiding razor kisses underneath long sleeves
It doesn't make it better; nothing is achieved
Believe me…
All you'll earn are the scars you've got and
The lesson learned is the lesson forgotten
You feel like no one's there, no one cares what you do
Let me put it to you straight: That is never true
I Know…
I was shunned, pushed away many times before
Then I realized it was I who had closed the door
I took a chance and opened up to the people around me
Told them of my secrets, now their love surrounds me
You're not alone; I've been where you are
And I know that life sometimes seems so hard…
But believe me, from one person to another
To make a book better, you never destroy the cover…
You are worth it...
Childhood memoriesOnce upon a time I used to listen to every word
you said. Sucked it up like a sponge sucks up
water. And every time my mouth opens your words
spilled out of me like vomit.
Once upon a time I was alone and defenseless
and clinger to you as blindly as a child
and listen to your lies like it was my ticket
to salvation.
Now I realized for the first time that your lies
is nothing more than empty words and empty promises
that you're nothing more than a parasite feasting
on my insecurity and naivety.
Now I see that I'm just your toy, your little ball
jointed doll with invisible strings attached to my
limbs. And how much I struggle the only thing that
changes is how much more I get tangle in you web of
lies and broken promises...
Sincerely your little ball jointed doll
Aristotle Got It Right"By nature,
  we are all political animals."
I deem this norm-owl, for my ears
listen in earnest dog-mantic predictions
which stretch out pass the fiscal cliff;
like an ELE-infant based upon distance.
Abandoning divinity for Maud-lien attempts
to reduce pressure through oppression - tense;
like a turtle shell. . . coral-lading communes
in prides of prancing ant-elopes.
'Tis his-story acquaint to the oystered-us
in speech, in skill and in pursuits of free. . .
dumb. Chirped from post-poaching sea-sons
hunting up for those who mar-sue, people.
Charlie fox-plot towards the pleasure
mauling - hue-main Hun-duress;
disowning. Rich, you-all for inclination,
the bare-inn, ripe with cent-impede. . .
  Petraeus, animals have linear currency
to the kings and queens of sanity.
Perihelion: The Beautiful WasteI just want perihelion, but my star, she shines from too far away. Now on this distant rock I've frozen over, left to drift in the beautiful waste. It's lifethere's a spiderweb a-holding us together
the spider hasn't even begun to start
most delicate of ties can last forever, but
one pull and it will all fall apart
there's a red silk thread that weaves around our fingers
came off the spindle on our wedding day
the bugs can bite and pierce us with their stingers, but
we're not going to cut it anyway
there's a rusty wire that's barely wound correctly
reaches cross the times between us two
send a phone call down the line there's no answer, but
i don't care cause all my trust's in you
Keyri by jaylynn244 Untitled by the-big-red Prince blanc by JessicaSansiquet Anxious Alligator Dreams by HeathersPaintMix War Bird by AlpoArts Perspective by DhxFoto Snake 3 by nightrose0087 Acceptance by loomedai Clouds Gone Wild by CPUMRossi Hunt by Svjeeta Fancy Bird by Dr-K The Hobo PunkTake a look into the sky,
Tell me what you see.
I see the stars shining brightly,
I see everything.
Don't have to wake up early,
Got no job to do.
Don't have to get a good night's rest,
And, you know, I got some drugs to do.
I'm just a dirty punk rocker,
I'm a hobo it seems.
I don't always have a bed or couch to sleep on,
But I don't mind as long as I have something to drink.
Early afternoon.
I wake up,
I'm in a rut,
But they don't teach you real life in school.
Light up a cigarette.
Dust myself off.
Today my goals are to find food,
And a cold 40 ounce!
I'm just a dirty punk rocker,
I'm homeless a lot.
I've slept in trains and cars,
But I don't mind as long as I've got pot.
I hangout with random friends,
As they hustle about.
While they're making money,
I spend every penny on a drought.
Sea Eagles by Captain-Ves today by tonare Flor en la Enredadera by violetametalico Sunset Dragon by Dragkness Dragonfly turquoise new3 by braindeadmystuff Steampunk ring by Night93 Alien pendant by IMNIUM My way of Creating by rpfaas The Magic Orange by HenryVuori

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