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Submitted on
August 6, 2012


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August feature!

Journal Entry: Mon Aug 6, 2012, 7:49 AM
Each month our admins picks their favorites from the gallery, and we put them in the featured folder for a month.
And here they are, the August selection!

After the Rain by hoshizumi  The soldier and the Devil by ApolloGize  Little Dove by Dexteria  :thumb315847015:  Synergon Synthesis. by hybridgothica  Naamah The Succubus by Carancerth  Hungry Chippy by Sueki-Sueki-La  Oliver II by OrokSzerelem  foyle by derrybarry  Summer Dream by nnIKOO    netaji subhash chandra bose by capricorn-kid  Angel by Atavius  White by Strawberry-2110  Nature's Love by Melody-in-the-Air  All yellow by damaged69   ConnectionsThe lines that connect us, that never fade away
The lines that Direct us, make us go or wish to stay
The lines that we gather, all our lives and every day
The lines that sustain us, while at this life we play
When broken they can kill us, make us move off our course
When broken they can break us, for our strength they are the source
When broken they can save us, for they are an unstoppable force
When broken they  can tame us, it's all a matter of course
The bonds we depend on, can lead us to an end
The bonds we depend on, can bring us back a friend
The bonds we depend on, communicate what we send
The bonds we depend on, with them we can't but blend
What happens, when those bonds stay, even after one side lets go
What happens, to the other, I simply have to know
What happens, when one is, forgotten and left to grow
What happens, I must wonder, what kind of seeds do sow.
  Sunflower by micecat  shh... by fauteku  Miracle by kleineHerz  butterfly 2 by aydnahmet  bethells by Aotearoa-Westie  Whale by tenshiroi    If hands could tell stories by TocsNo  Monster Monday Sketch No.7 by Comicbookist  Mt. Aso II by TimGrey  The Transience of Power by bretculp  Tante by cihanthejest  Death By Chocolate by claremanson  Bottled Past by AmongstTheShadows  :thumb300530373:  WinterSpring Forest by VenskeArts  [Commission] Candyland by fangelsi  :thumb314217779:  Goldfish by Satine-Black  The Amazing Spiderman Costume by AngelaBermudez  Knight by GoddessMechanic  Mechanical Arachnid sculpture by AMechanicalMind  Utah Hillside/Reflection by Asdfggghh1  Galaxy cross my eye by ZuzuTurkova  Pointing to the Shape of Events to Come by FaisalAlahmad  I'm not gone yet... by Ephebopus365  TimeWarp by betterways  Cute cat is cute by teedark  Maiden of honor by astersingularis  Transformation by San-T  Katniss Wedding Dress Trasformation by Tamiyo-Cosplay  Steampunk-Clockpunk Bugs 15 by dkart71  Neon by Titaniccreatures  Resist to Exist by Outlawsarankan  Two little demons lost in a forest by kaeppke  Venedum Spawn of Manor by HFesbra  The horse that has no name by VallenArt  Samus Aran in color by shadwgrl  Student @ work by Plueschopossum   Harry Potter IM Chat Part 49SCARFACE23 ENTERED CHAT
MUDDBLUDD12: Harry! Where are you? Are you alright?
SCARFACE23: Sorry Hermione. This isn't Harry.
MOD: It is against school policy to be on another student's chat book.
SCARFACE23: I really don't care.
GINGERBOI: Who are you and what do you want?
SCARFACE23: That would ruin the fun now wouldn't it?
GINGERBOI: This wasn't fun to begin with.
SCARFACE23: Maybe you should have thought of that before you decided to pick on Hufflepuff.
MUDDBLUDD12: I knew you Hufflepuffs were odd but I didn't know you were so insane.
SCARFACE23: We aren't crazy and we aren't insane we are merely fed up.
GINGERBOI: What are you fed up with?
SCARFACE23: We are fed up with the fact that you think it is alright to pick on us.
SCARFACE23: Just because we didn't get picked for the main houses doesn't mean we don't have feelings.
SCARFACE23: We might not be the smartest, or the bravest, or the most evil; but we have feelings and don't like being attacked with magic
  Red-Spotted Purple by GraveyardCat  Birds by eongun  Sakura by Caadot  Santa Luzia by Sara-Araujo  Supertrees by nuic  An opening in the Clouds by akaBadMedia  Flag and Sun by Dmtr13  Flickering by LadyCarnal  Sunset 9 by Falanderr  Colorado Rocks by MidEngine4Life  Painted with light by jeremi12  Reina del Mar by MrAlito  :thumb310304509:  Succubus by SilverC  The flow of life by forttt  Lady In Red by Desert-Winds  What if the day had stayed in bed by kittycrime  :thumb317138228:  Music Is Art by draco-dragon84  Confined Movement by Spicy-Seasoning  Hourglass of Life by TylerRemiArt  Redhead Girl - Ballpoint Pen by VianaArts  Eye... by rhyshaug  I Opened It by Lhox  Drapery Study da Vinci by AmBr0

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