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December 18, 2012


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Journal Entry: Tue Dec 18, 2012, 3:39 AM
Hi everyone.
In honor of crediting original artworks, we have decided that we will require links or at least written information to any kind of original resources you have used in your art.
It doesnt matter if you've used a free texture for your photomanip or a copyrighted photo as reference for your traditional artwork - we need you to put links to them in your artist comments.

This goes for Fan Art too - credit the original creators and/or the trademark. You also need to state in your deviation description what it is Fan Art of.

This is not because we think that you have stolen something - this is because it's proper etiquette to credit stocks and resources. It's about showing respect to people that creates art.

Important: A reference means a picture you look at while painting/drawing/sculpturing, to get proportions/colors/features etc right.
It doesn't mean that you copy something or that you didn't actually create something yourself.
So please, stop thinking that we're accusing you of cheating or stealing when we ask for reference!

We won't accept your artworks before you put links or information in your deviation description, so please, for both your sake and our sake - make sure to save any links to your resources and put them in your artist comment. We can handle your submission much faster and your art will be in our gallery much faster.

Win-Win-situation, really.

If you don't remember where you got a set of brushes for your software years ago, or where you found a celebrity pic etc, then of course we won't decline your art or something like that. We just strongly advice you that from now on, you start saving links to such things.

If you can't remember exactly where, and can't provide such links, it's ok that you just write something like "credit goes to who ever made the texture/brush/etc". That goes for reference photos for drawings and photomanipulations too. Just add some kind of information about the original artwork that you used as reference/stock/inspiration.

But please - try to save links from now on. We really prefer that.
We're not the only group that wants this, and it's really good practice to credit any kind of references when you're doing art.

Also, if the all the stocks and resources used are your own, we're fine with you just writing "my own resources" or something like that.

Your admins

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PrivateScoots Mar 13, 2014  Professional Traditional Artist
Thanks for the heads up! I just assumed everyone will know whether the artwork is based on a reference or not, but I will keep this in mind.
LuckyLizardLover Nov 27, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
Thanks for sending the link for this to me, I would have never seen it! I'll be sure to put links in the future
I feel that the way this is worded implies that you believe the artist's work is not entirely their own. Sure, I know that you aren't meaning to imply that, I read through and saw that in bold, but automatically sending this to everyone who doesn't link to a ton of things seems to say so. I might have some brushes I use for something, but often different brush packs actually have some overlap with brushes. I have quite a few duplicates because different packs have some of the same brushes, so it's hard to know who to credit. And I may have gotten the brush a while ago, or maybe I used it for something so minuscule that I didn't even remember I used it. On the piece of artwork this was send to me for, however, I'm pretty sure I only used regular photoshop brushes. I also feel it is completely unnecessary to have to provide links to your own references if you've used reference material you took yourself. Saying "I used my own pictures here and here and here and here" Is redundant. I'm all for crediting someone else's work and I would want mine to be credited, but there's no reason to have to do it for one's own in my opinion.
The-Lantiis Aug 25, 2013   Photographer
For items we purchased, is this really necessary when we follow the site policy and state/attach a permission document? I buy a lot of stock resources from Renderosity and cannot possibly link each one. I have the licenses from the artist but not the links to each individual item or package. Same for stock I buy from dA artists. I don't link them because I have the permission document required by the site and the artist does not require a link back to them.
Photopathica Aug 25, 2013   General Artist
just write something simple then :) as we state in this entry, we need "Links AND/OR information".
plus if someone doesn't require a link back, then why should you do it?
The-Lantiis Aug 28, 2013   Photographer
Well, that is why I was asking lol. From the sounds of it, the group wanted a link back regardless, but I see I read too much into that XD
Photopathica Aug 28, 2013   General Artist
hehe yeah i can do that too :) better to ask for clarification :)
Odomi2 Aug 25, 2013  Professional Traditional Artist
I think that crediting should be a more open concept, which it really is.
I donīt think  I have to say that I referenced a picture taken by me or a friend if he agrees so, but I know that if I reference a 3rd picture of a model for example, I should credit it according to his/her conditions.
One thing is listing the materials you use, which isnīt mandatory yet, and other to always have to explain how you work and what with.

You canīt credit all you are asking here when you professionally publish a work like a book. Why should be different here?
I agree with what you say as a suggestion, not as an obligation.
Photopathica Aug 25, 2013   General Artist
yes, i understand what you mean.
and i hope you understand what we mean :)
this is how this group wants it to work.
and we're fine with any kind of information, just like it says in this text. we mention "link or information" quite a few times.
ScribbleZennias Aug 24, 2013  Professional Traditional Artist
I can't say I agree with doing this. I do all but my smallest, sketchiest works without reference, and most of those don't even end up on dA. Almost all of my art is traditional, but that doesn't mean I can't work just from imagination.
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