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Help us to help You!

Journal Entry: Tue Oct 29, 2013, 12:40 PM
We in DeviantsGallery love Art.
The process of Art.
The results of Art.
The community of Art.

That's why we're running this group.
We're not running it to fulfill our own egos. We're doing it to help all of you that creates art, because we think Everyone deserves to be noticed, promoted and appreciated.

We do have a system in this group. The gallery is set up a certain way.
And that is for the benefit of everyone of You, all you 50 000+ members.
This is Your group. We're running it for Your sake.
And we're trying to run it in the best possible way.
And we want things to be in good order, presented in an appealing, serious way. Because we know that your art benefits from that.

Imagine going to a gallery in your town.
Would you enjoy the show, if all the artworks were lying around in a random heap on the floor?
Would you enjoy any of the artworks, if the room you entered was messy, filthy, poorly lighetened?
We don't think so.

So please, help us out here.
Please understand, that we're not asking for additional information to your submissions because we enjoy to cause trouble, or because we enjoy to nag.
All we really want to do, is to press "accept" as soon as possible on all your submissions.
But if the information we need isn't there, we can't. And it's not because we're elitist buttholes - it's because we care about your art and we're anxious to make sure it's presented in a good way.
We want your art to be taken seriously.
Don't you?

Maybe you don't, but then maybe this group is not the best place for you.

This group is not a dumping ground.
It's a community based on the Love for Art.

Just because we strive to accept as much as possible, doesn't mean that we don't give a damn about the works that are presented in the gallery.
That's why we have medium-based folders, that's why we vote on incoming submissions instead of setting the system to auto-accept everything.

It's also why we have folder descriptions, and submission guides, and a F.A.Q-guide, and Feature-projects and once in a while a contest.

Because we care about your art.

That's why we ask you to submit to the correct folder, and why we ask you to read our folder descriptions so you know which folder is the correct one.
That's why we ask you to list your mediums and process so that we can make sure your art is submitted to the correct folder.
That's why we ask you to list your stocks, to credit your references and resources, to clarify what your Fan Art is about.

It's for your sake, because we know that all this is valuable to how your art is received by the audience.

Please, help us to help You.
That's what we're here for.

-Your devoted team of admins-

Useful information - please read these:

Frequently Asked Questions (general group information)

Tips for getting your art accepted faster

About crediting your resources

About "Dont submit here"folder

Folder Descriptions

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