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February Feature!

Journal Entry: Mon Feb 4, 2013, 7:11 AM
Each month our admins picks their favorites from the gallery, and we put them in the featured folder for a month.
And here they are, the February selection!

Try To Change Something *Animated* by Null-Entity Luz de Luna by luisbc Snowbell - The Pretty Kitty Plushie  /sold by tiny-tea-party :.Feline.: by XPantherArtX Stained Glass Butterfly Swirls Pedant by HoneyCatJewelry D.A contest - Little Cerberus. by clgtart Dodge Dart - Living City by AMD-Design NymphBerry Cat by yoggnuyashi Beauty by S1ghtly Wolf Girl by joelbear49 Albino Queen. by Safiru :thumb348591519: MercyWhisper and I will come to you
Raise your voice and I will come then, too
Seek refuge and find my warmth
Within my love, and nothing more
No less to love, no greater to hate
Rely on hope and trust in fate
Relax and breathe, an instinct to think
Of wants and needs and wonders and dreams
No fear at all, for all is I
And all you are, outside the mind
Begin to know the blasphemy
Like demons chasing after me
As a devil disguised as a god
But "god" is a synonym for "fraud"
Reality is yours to create
Happy or not, you hold a clean slate
R.I.P WordsDo you know what it feels like?
To feel something, but...
be unable to express what it is;
to be silent;
to fight it alone.
I know how much it hurts,
but I don't know how to show it.
Poetry used to be my refuge,
a place where I could be alone -
express all my emotions,
without being judged.
I'm losing it.
I can't connect to poetry.
Everything sounds so stupid...
Everything I write sounds stupid.
I have to erase all my feelings,
because they don't sound right.
The words aren't real.
They don't show what I feel
And maybe this will be the last.
Maybe I'm gone:
lost of all emotions.
I'm truly alone...
I used to have poetry.
Now I have nothing.
Matt Bomer drawing by Saxa-XCII :thumb271340882: If I Just Lay Here by Nina-Rose-Mangaka Foxy Neighbor by katsabrat Masked... by DesignTheWild Sheri by Blopa1987 WIP - Gemstone Postcard Set by Asfahani Faerie by Velvet-Vernorexia wild nature by monsieur-arlequin True Friend by XRlS Fox Shop by GabrielEvans Snow Leopard by Pickleweasel360 Lonely tree by HarelForge Digital Painting by katreeona There was a time before Moria fellIn here rests a piece of Dwarven lore
about the purest vein of mithril ore
found deep within the rocky earth
not too far from its molten core
Down, down in to the depths we tilled
with desires of empty pockets to be filled
So far beneath our burning hearths
hauling up stone and gems to be milled
A blinding light then pierced the dark
"Cannot be real!" We thought, "Just a lark."
Falling hammers and chisels soon gave birth
The expectations soared beyond their mark
Its lustrous gleam of pale radiance
left us in an inescapable of trance
"Just look at this vein, look at its girth"
We dug till we could craft mithril pants
But shadows filled their gold laden hearts
and crimson fires flared through ancient arts
before they could proclaim an age of joy and mirth
The Balrog of Morgoth had come to play it's part
The cracking whip, its fires flared
A searing sword, Dwarves in cloven pairs
What could this vein possibly be worth?
We ran with tooth and nail up the layers
Some fled, many died but our
That Girl In The MirrorHappiness will remain forever out of reach
When love from your life you omit
To the girl in the mirror; you are beautiful
Yet somehow you never quite fit
Not the girl they thought you’d turn out to be
When you were a neonate child
Born with a raging heart and a raging mind
But with a manner ever so mild
Your scars aren’t always visible to them
And not only hidden under attire
Lacerations to the mind are just as abhorrent
When memories and dreams conspire
So girl break the mirror if you have to
And reflect on your life as a whole
Do you really want to spend the rest of your days
Behind a fašade of self control?
Please be strong enough to go your own way
Indeed go against the grain
In your field of dreams stand up and be counted
And maybe others will do the same
You are unique and you are so beautiful
You’re everything someone else is not
The light of your reflection will shine on
Through the looking glass your childhood begot
Driving LessonsSunday afternoon, July 15th
"So you mind telling me what happened again?"
"I was punching my father in the head when I managed to ram into the damn pole, okay?!"
"Why were you punching your father?"
"Because he is an idiot, all right?! If you had to handle his crap for the past nine years, you would wanna hit him, too!"
"Look, what happens in your family stays in your family, kid."
Isshin pinched the bridge of his nose, knowing that even thought Ichigo respected the law, there was only so much of the police and their frustration he could handle. "Ichigo, call Yuzu and tell her we'll be late. I'll handle the rest of this."
Ichigo gave a look of pure joy at that before jogging away from the mess of police cars, an ambulance, and their ruined mini-van.
It had started out as a simple outing an hour earlier. Isshin treated Ichigo to a nice birthday lunch at his son's favorite Chinese place, Ichigo getting a rather cryptic (and strange, as far as he was concerned) fortune cooki

Mature Content

:thumb345566881: Soldier-boyGo on ahead little soldier-boy
make your mama proud.
Serving your country with loyalty,
your courage knows no bounds.
Keep your head up, soldier-boy,
a cold gun is in your fingers,
and although days have passed,
the memories will always linger.
Keep praying good ol' soldier-boy
as bombs paint across the sky.
Your friends are in a better place
no time for you to cry.
Don't stop moving my brave soldier-boy
the sun has not yet set
the enemy is closing in
one shot is all that's left.
Hold your breath scared soldier-boy
the fiends are at your tail
they'll hunt you down mercilessly
as your mission is marked 'fail'
Close your eyes dear soldier-boy
and pray up to your God.
The pain is building in your chest
and your vision is getting flawed.
It will be over soon sweet soldier-boy
as some bunker down and cry
the fight for you is over
some men were born to die.
Goodbye my brave soldier-boy
your life burned out like an ember.
Your sacrifice wasn't for naught.
And we will always remember.
Your hom
:thumb298998511: :thumb346841640: :thumb338271988: Addictive Echoes by TheDreamgazer Ducky by DanBurgessTheArtist Marilyn Monroe Minimal 2 by heatherw290 MJ eyes by TheRealSexyKate Portrait by KetakeMoore Deck on Top of The Mountain by kurtywompus  Dsc2336 by MikrobePferd I do not accept by Azjo CE: If I meet you by Anutwyll :thumb350948503: :thumb350554967: Pallettes+ HOW TO by Bienoo Manga Eyes Tutorial by MangaTips-Com Vexx The Designer by Karl97 This monster by Yewrezz Basement Monster by etate Waterfall 2 by Rey13 German Shepherd - Wood burning by brandojones COM Sri by Lirip Undying Memory by IosifChezan Reflective Orb by Daschinia Kitty Hawk (large) by gunmother Brutal - Concept Art #1 by Exyle-Studios Bat For Lashes by Dasyeeah snow warrior by ThucAn Clint Eastwood. by CameronHarperArt Unleashed # 0 - Variant Cover - Pencil by Giuseppe-Cafaro Gorgeous Magician Anime Babe by ArtKnack :thumb349881179: the winter wolf by GisaGon :thumb261722824: The Mockingjay by Rob234111 'Art is Instinctive' - Quote Design by tjhiphop Sea dragon. by Green042 Mystified by QueenAphie Paint process by BourneLach Anubis and Ammut by Dracunnum :thumb282503269: Lights over Portland II by PortlandPhotography only you can bring the colour in by sa-nick86 :thumb316337500: Wolf Practice Sketches by verlak An unfinished digital sketch by Drimr Wise Kodamas by AVindas FFvs13-Crystal Stasis by BlackHime The Warm Cat by Illy251

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