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10 Simple Tips for Getting Your Art Accepted QUICK

Journal Entry: Tue Oct 29, 2013, 12:40 PM
It's troublesome for all of us when we have to ask you questions and, require you to withdraw and resubmit your deviation for one reason or another. Well, this document is designed to help prevent that so we can all have a nicer day!

1. All Members:
- When you upload your art to dA, select the proper category. ex. When a member submits a drawing to our Digital Art folder, but we see that it's in dA's Traditional Art category, we will ALWAYS question that.

2. Digital and Traditional Artists:
- List the media/tools/programs and reference image links you used to create your art in your description. This is a practice of Pros, and it helps us to ascertain that your art is submitted to the proper folder.

3. Photographers:
- If your art is a photograph, and you did any editing besides tweaking, or BW/Sepia conversion then we will probably consider it a photo-manipulation. This includes selective de-coloration. Submit it to our Digital Art folder.

4. Digital and/or Traditional Artists:
- If your art is digital drawings or paintings, and you did your initial lineart on paper and scanned it in, we will consider this a Multiple Artforms Used piece even if the lineart is no longer visible, so submit it to that folder. The exception is if you deleted the layer your traditional lineart was on before you finished.
If your art mixes digital, traditional, and/or artisan crafts materials this also makes it a Multiple Artforms Used piece, so submit it to that folder.

5. Photo-manipulators:
- If your art is photo-manipulation, we will accept your submission only if you credit with links the stock images, brushes, and other resources you used.

6. Writers:
- If your art is Literature, and you used artwork for your thumbnail pic, then you must credit that artwork. If the artwork is yours, mention that in your description.

7. Artisans:
- If you created a costume and photographed someone or yourself wearing it, we consider that cosplay and you should submit it to Photography. If its laid out or on a dummy (not your brother!) then you can submit it to Artisan Crafts.

- when you submit your art, instead of using the Contribute Art button method, go to our Gallery then navigate to the proper folder for your art as determined by consulting our Folder Descriptions Guide and click the "+" on the right side of the folder title bar. Submit your art. See Group Submission Tutorial nr 1 and Group Submission Tutorial nr 2 for different ways of submitting to the gallery that are more reliable then the "contribute art" option.



Thank you very much for making it easier for us to put your art in our gallery!
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