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Worldwide Dedication to Art

Important, please read our Folder Descriptions!

Journal Entry: Tue Oct 29, 2013, 12:40 PM

Don't submit here, pick the correct folder:
• This is not for submissions, this is a default folder and everything submitted to it, will be declined, and we will ask you to re-submit to the correct gallery folder. It has a separate limit, so you will be able to re-submit anyways.
• Read about why we have this folder here:…

• Finished works
• Movies/Films
• Anything that has a moving motive
• Flash animations
• Interactive games
• GIFs
- Exceptions: stamps and emoticons, and tutorials

Crafts and Sculptures:
• Finished works
• Handmade jewelry
• Handmade costumes*
• Sculptures
• Other miscellaneous crafts/models
- Everything submitted to this folder has to be made by You. Photos of stuff that you only photographed belongs in "Photography"
* - Photos of humans wearing your full costume are considered cosplay/live/larp and belongs in "Photography" - and with full costume, we mean clothing, makeup, wigs, accessories etc. If your picture is only showing part of the costume - it's ok in "Artisan Crafts"

Digital Art:
• Finished works
• Anything made with computer programs/software. Including software on your smartphone or video gaming console.
• Photomanipulations and heavy editing - including selective coloring
• Fractals
• Stamps and emoticons
• Typography
- If you have used traditional and/or artisan crafts mediums, your submission belongs in "Multiple Artforms Used"
- Re-touching and small post-editing of scans of your traditional artworks, and of your photos, does NOT count as "Multiple Artforms" or "photomanipulations"

How to:
• Tutorials, both written and visual
• Anything else that conveys general information about the process of creating art, suggestions and tips etc.

JOURNALS for contests, commissions etc:
• Journals announcing contests
• Journals announcing commissions and art trades
• Journals promoting a group - a journal with a presentation of a group and it's general theme/purpose and rules
- This folder is only for Journals
- Important: We support only CONTESTS, not "Giveaways"

• Finished works
• Poetry and Prose
• Songs
• Fan fiction
• Screenplay, script
• Stories, fiction and non-fiction
• Visual writings - text added to drawings, paintings and photos. Credit has to be given to the creator of any text you didnt comeup with yourself - quotes, lyrics etc
• Miscellaneous, creative/artistic written works
- Any pictures used in your submissions has to be your own, or be properly credited
- Personal journals, reviews and other such miscellaneous written works are not accepted here
- Literature has to be submitted as proper literature deviation - it can't be submitted with a journal or something like that

Multiple Artforms Used:
• Finished works
• Artworks produced by using two or more of these different mediums: Traditional, Digital, Crafts - e.g. paintings, drawings, etc.
• Artworks made by putting together a photo and a drawing/painting, or adding crafts etc to a painting/drawing.
• Pure digital, pure traditional, pure artisan crafts works still goes in their own folders.
- Photomanipulations and "visual" writings are not permitted in this folder
- Re-touching and small post-editing of scans of your traditional artworks, and of your photos, does NOT count as "Multiple Artforms" or "photomanipulations"

Official deviantArt Contest Entries:
• Artworks submitted to an ongoing or past contest hosted by deviantART
- Submissions to contests hosted by members or groups of DA are not permitted here

• Digital and analogue photography
• Phone Photography
• Cosplay, Live, Larp and SFX makeup
• Body art - tattoos, piercings, hennas, drawn on body art
- Photos of dead animals/insects are strictly prohibited and continuous submissions of such will result in revocation of your membership. The only exception is skeleton parts in still life photography.
- Re-touching and small post-editing of your photos, does NOT count as "photomanipulations"

Sketches, WIPs and scraps, includes:
• Various unfinished/semifinished digital and traditional art, including literature and artisan crafts
• Doodles and sketches
• WIPs - Work In Progress
• Scraps
• Literature drafts/ideas
• Drawings/paintings on lined/checked paper
• Various memes except for those submitted to the current DA contest "Draw this again"

Traditional Art, includes:
• Finished works
• Drawings and paintings done by actual hand
• Scratchboard
• Linoleum prints etc
• Calligraphy and typography
- Re-touching and small post-editing of scans of your traditional artworks does NOT count as "Multiple Artforms" or "Digital Art"

Please put a mature content warning on your artworks that shows/tells about nudity, sex, violence/gore, and other kinds of sensitive themes. We have many very young members, show respect.

Also, remember to credit any kind of stocks, resources and references with links in your deviation descriptions!

Thanks in advance.

At the moment, we are NOT accepting:
• Screenshots
- The only screenshots we accept, are desktops, and only if it's clear to us that you yourself have actually done something to the interface.

• Personal Journals
- The only ones we accept are announcements about contests, commissions, art trades and groups. Nothing else.

• ACTA/PIPA/SOPA/CISPA or Kony 2012 art
- We support all of these causes, but we refuse such submissions because most of the times, the submissions are one and the same "sheet", that are posted over and over again by those that wants to spread the message, and they didn't create the submitted piece themselves.
Keep it original!

We're also NOT accepting artworks that you didn't create yourself.

We apologize for any inconvenience that any of this may cause you.

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